Partial coverage or liability

Liability or partial coverage? Who insures a vehicle often face the question of the appropriate scope of coverage. Here we will explain when to submit a motor vehicle liability insurance, and when at least a partial coverage protection is advisable.

Liability or partial coverage: What is covered?

A motor vehicle liability insurance is necessary for every vehicle owner. Anyone who is caught without on German roads must expect a custodial sentence of up to one year. In addition, not without reason. Because accidents can lead to high costs to the statutory motor liability to financial compensation for the victims can be ensured. The automobile liability regulated accordingly the compensation claims of the other party. Vehicle owners have already demonstrated in the approval of the cars that at least temporary cover in the motor liability exists.

For the compensation of accident victims, the law provides a minimum coverage of EUR 7.5 million for personal injury. In addition, damage to at least 1.12 million euros and financial losses to be at least EUR 50,000 insured in the compulsory motor. What may at first sound like much, after an accident involving personal injury, however easily be exceeded.

Additional costs would have to pay out of pocket then insured. Auto insurers offer thus tend to cover a lump sum of EUR 50 or EUR 100 million, some even unlimited coverage. The coverage of the liability is for the insured, the owner, the driver and the owner. The partial coverage is an optional insurance regulated and damage to the vehicle of the insured. A jump in broken glass, wild accidents and natural hazards such as storms, hail, lightning or flooding. It also pays for vehicle theft. However, even with shorts, fire and explosion can contact their insured partial coverage.

Liability or partial coverage – Risks weigh

In general, car owners should take some thought in advance what risks they want to know is covered – otherwise it can be very expensive in case of damage in certain circumstances. In addition to the compulsory automobile liability, the conclusion of a partial coverage pays. It does not matter whether it is the vehicle to be insured is a relatively new or an older year. For the partial coverage includes comprehensive benefits, the use of pay for the additional costs incurred often after only one loss.
Those who want to play it safe, you should decide for a comprehensive insurance. It encompasses all the benefits of partial coverage and regulates vandalism and damage resulting from self-inflicted injuries to your own vehicle. In our car computer is a car insurance that fits your needs.

What to consider when changing

Because the Motor Insurance is a compulsory insurance by law, insurers must with very few exceptions all applicants provide insurance cover. Therefore is recommended that prior to the termination of the current contract you to be awaiting the confirmation of insurance of the new insurer. The Effective Date, you can select in consultation with the insurer on your needs.


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