Novice drivers are inexperienced and they have to pay some kind of risk premium. Usually receive the novice claims category 0 – representing about 240 percent of the normal premium. Thus, the annual cost of car insurance quickly rise over 5000 euros. Nevertheless, there are ways to reduce car insurance premiums. Here wegive yousome tipsthat you cantake advantage of.Check them out.

Common cause with the parents

Who makes common cause with the parents may massive savings in car insurance. Report for novice drivers in their car, as a second car in the name of the father or mother, ranks the insurance, a vehicle usually in the SF class ½. The contribution rate in the SF class ½ is between 120 and 140 percent. Some insurance companies offer under certain conditions even in better conditions. Compared with the SF-class 0 can therefore save many hundreds of euros a year.

The parent-child benefit scheme

License holders, who wish to register their vehicles in their own names, can also slip into the claims category ½ or better, when the parent-child scheme to make use. In this case, the same insurer must insure the car as the parents.

Save costs with a driver safety course

Novice drivers who can demonstrate participation in a driver safety course can, in many insurance
companies take advantage of discounted rates. The ADAC and other car clubs offer safety training.

Buy low vehicle type class

Impact on the amount of the insurance premium has others the class type of the vehicle. The more often the type of vehicle is involved in accidents or stolen statistically is, the higher the type of class and the more expensive the insurance. Novice drivers should therefore informed before buying a car. In motor insurance, there are 16 type classes (10-25), in the comprehensive insurance 25 (10-34), in the partial cover 24 (10-33).


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