Every fall, drivers can change their car insurance. With the 30th November of that, date is coming up to which the insured must usually terminate their insurance policies. What do you have to pay attention?

Liability and collision can be terminated separately

In the motor liability and comprehensive insurance are separate contracts, even if they were completed together. Therefore, it is possible to separate only by notice from the vehicle insurance and continue the insurance. Many insurance policies have a 31 December of each year, so that the insurer must receive the termination taking into account the one-month’ notice at the latest by 30 November.

Be careful, because someone insurer meets the policy year a time year of twelve months. This means that a 1 July started car insurance cannot be cancelled on 31 December, and only on 30 June of the following year, it can be cancelled. In this case, no later than 31 May, the letter of resignation submitted to the insurer. If in doubt insured might therefore be better to check their contract documents.

From 1 December is too late for a proper notice. Many consumers also after the date the option to change their car insurers. Thus, in the case of a premium increase will be terminated for cause. Here too, the policyholder from receiving notification of the more expensive premium, nor can solve within one month from the contract.

Even after a claim, the insured may terminate – regardless of whether the insurer adjusts the damage or not. Change the contract terms or changes the insured within the contract period the vehicle; it can also get out of the contract. By November30 must be the notice with the previous supplier.

The postmark of that date is not enough. Who wants to be sure, announced by registered mail. So also, the 30th letter of the reporting date November is received; it should be no later than 26 November will be abandoned. Fax the notice, however, on November 30 also is possible.


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